Poster Sessions

Labeled by author of the submission:

First Name Last Name Title Poster Number Session
Griselda Alavez Middle Schoolers’ Problematic Texting: Influences of Attachment to Parents 1 1
Divine Maloney Implicit Racial Bias in Embodied Avatars 2 1
Sydney Gass Decision 2016: Individual Differences in Political Decision Making 3 1
Juan Alzate Vanegas Psychometric properties of a working memory span 4 1
Emma Scharett Informational Needs of Patients with Incontinence on Online Peer Support Groups- A Pilot Study 5 1
Moses Namara The Potential User-Tailored Privacy on Facebook 6 1
Shraddhaa Narasimha WeRSort: Preliminary Results from a New Method of Remote Collaboration Facilitated by Fully Immersive Virtual Reality 7 1
Sruthy Agnisarman An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Integrating Consumer-Generated Anecdotal Information into Healthcare Public Reports 8 1
Amro Khasawneh How Should I Choose My Dentist? An Empirical Study Investigating the Effectiveness of Decision Aids on Healthcare Online Review Portals 9 1
Hunter Rogers Sensemaking of UAV Reports After Periods of Disconnect for Threat Assessment 10 1
Katie Lucaites In search of a dynamics-based predictor of action capabilities 11 1
Rutali Joshi Developing The Clemson Healthcare Work System Ergonomic Assessment Toolkit: A macro-ergonomic evaluation for Preoperative and Postoperative Workspaces of Ambulatory Surgical Environments 12 1
Jacqueline McSorley Assessing Most Effective Estimation Strategy for Food Portions Using an Eye Tracker 13 1
Jenna Darrah Componential Analysis of Stimulus-Response (S-R) Compatibility 14 1
Makenzie Pryor The Potential Role of Spatial Ability for Individualized Instructions 15 1
John Hicks Does relative item luminance affect how well e-commerce products are remembered? 16 1
Darlene Edewaard Observing a Total Solar Eclipse through the Lens of Vision Science 17 1
Kyle Rosales The Cultural Specificity of Visual Illusions, and Its Implications for Movement Gain in Virtual Reality 18 1
Ian Hughes The Effects of Mind Wandering on Simulated Search and Rescue 19 1
Kelsey Ffrench Examining Relative Depth Discrimination Based on Screen Parallax in a Stereoscopic Virtual Environment 20 1
Margaret Tutaj Human Factors Forensic Analysis of Trip-and-Fall Incident 21 1
Amy Greene Effects of Time Pressure and Team Interaction on Use of an Electronic Checklist 22 1
Vishnunarayan Girishan Prabhu Physician Distraction in Emergency Department. 23 1
Christopher Otero Driving Dashboard Distraction 24 1
Federico Scholcover Mo’ Latency, Mo’ Problems: The Relationship Between Distance Sensitivity and Latency on Task Performance 25 1
Mary Grubbs Perceptions of Medical Treatment Information 26 1
Jeremy Lopez Trust Strategies in Consumer Multiple-Component Systems 27 1
Jennifer Louie A structural equation model of the relationship between working memory capacity and distracted driving 28 1
Emily Wright Reducing Toxic Behavior in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena 29 1
Edgar Woode Measuring the Stability of Individual Temporal Sensitivity 30 1
Olivia Siciliano Understanding and Improving Health Knowledge 31 1
Aminah Roberts The influence of body temperature and mental state on cognitive performance under sleep deprivation 32 1
Daricia Wilkinson My phone does what?: Exploring the effectiveness of a privacy-centric screensaver 33 1
Meredith Owen Strength Testing of Carbon Fiber, PETG Thermoplastic, and 3D Printed Trans-Tibial Prosthetic Sockets 34 1
Isabel Hofmann Individual Differences Between Genders in Automated Task Monitoring 35 1
Emilee Cordero Effects of gender on working memory capacity and driving performance 36 1
Bryson Daniels Using a wrist-worn device to eat to a bite goal: Does behavior change? 37 1
Taro Ito Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Human Factors Labs 38 1
Jorden Crowe Binary Classification Task Responses in Relation to Scores on Classical Attention Deficit Disorder Diagnostic Tools 1 2
Vanessa Jones Can a Dual Task Video Game be an Effective Assessment of Attention? 2 2
Mark Morris How many moles can you whack: an analysis of dual task performance using ROC curves 3 2
Daricia Wilkinson Reducing popularity bias in choice-based preference elicitation: Exploring the effects of adding trailers 4 2
Paritosh Bahirat Scenario Context v/s Framing and Defaults in Managing Privacy in Household IoT 5 2
Matthew Krugh Augmented Associate 6 2
Janetta Brown Usability of Alzheimer’s mHealth Applications 7 2
Yifang Li Effectiveness and Users’ Experience of Obfuscation as a Privacy-Enhancing Technology for Sharing Photos 8 2
Katie Jurewicz Examining different layouts of an anesthesia workstation based on task relationships and task sequencing 9 2
Nathan Hatfield Examining Impact of Automated Vehicle Control on Simulator Sickness 10 2
Alyssa Shore The Role of Perspective in the Use of Video Instructions 11 2
Bradley Schwarz Clarifying Mindfulness 12 2
Daniel Quinn Exploring the Effects of Automation Failure Bias on Drivers’ Detection and Recognition of On-Road Hazards: An Eye-Tracking Study 13 2
Nathan Walters Donald Ventrice, Nathan W. Walters, John Capps, Shivani J. Patel, Stephen Rice, & Scott Winter 14 2
Aminah Roberts The influence of body temperature and mental state on cognitive performance under sleep deprivation 15 2
Logan Gisick Evaluating Clinical Decision Support in Emergency Medical Services 16 2
Darlene Edewaard Exploring the Combined Effects of Conspicuity Aids and Safety Automation on Vulnerable Road User Recognition 17 2
Roger Zhu Characterizing Visual Gaze Pattern Based on Sequence Mining of Visual Gaze Data in Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Supervision 18 2
Lorenzo Barberis Canonico TRACE Lab: Studying Human-Machine Teaming 19 2
Sydney Schiff Efficacy of Virtual Reality for Operative Pain and Anxiety Management 20 2
Vishnunarayan Girishan Prabhu Understanding, Assessing, and Alleviating Provider Burnout: Influencing Factors, Processes, and Outcomes 21 2
Jacob Lyons Efficacy of VR for Pain/Anxiety in Operative Care 22 2
Joshua Biro Efficacy of Virtual Reality for Managing the Pain and Anxiety of AYA Cancer Patients 23 2
Jessica Barry Personas 24 2
Nicholas Gustafson Computer Science in Human Interaction Lab 25 2
Zachariah Inks Efficacy of Virtual Humans in Medical Trials 26 2
Hannah Solini Differences in Reach Accuracy Between Novices and Experts in a Virtual Reality Environment 27 2
David Grimm Team Situation Awareness in Human-Autonomy Teaming: A Systems Level Approach 28 2
Elliot Nauert Human Factors and Usability Issues on the Wildland Fireline 29 2
Sarah Wokaty The Efficacy of Visibility Aids in Night Time Driving Scenarios 30 2
Kshitij Sawke To Study the Effect of Age on Presence in a Virtual Environment 31 2
Byron Lowens Towards Interaction Methods for Granular Privacy Control on Wearable Devices 32 2
Beau Schelble Working Memory & Attitudes Towards Automation 33 2
William Shelstad User Satisfaction of a Video Game: An Educated GUESS! 34 2
Katherin McCracken Service Design and Product Design for Social Innovation 35 2
John Capps American Consumers Are Not Yet Willing to Ride in Driverless Buses 36 2
Anthony Baker Communication and Trust in Virtual and Face-to-Face Teams 37 2
John Hicks Can the relative luminance of e-commerce products affect how quickly they are found? 38 2
Matthew Pierce Thinking “Out-of-the-Box” with Board Games 39 2
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