Poster Sessions

Below is the list of posters that will be presented at SHARC2017!

Presenters can be found by their posters during their assigned sessions.

Presenters assigned to odd numbered easels will be presenting during Poster Session I – Sponsored by the APA 21st Division from 1:00pm until 2:00pm.

Presenters assigned to even numbered easels will be presenting during Poster Session II from 4:00pm until 5:00pm.


Poster Session I

Sponsored by the APA 21st Division

(1:00PM – 2:00PM)

Poster # Title Authors
1 Webmd vs. Realmd: Health Anxiety’s Impact on Post-Online Health Search Behavior Caudill, A. H., Zielinkska, O., & Mayhorn, C. B.
3 An Open-Road Study of the Conspicuity Benefits of Bicyclist Apparel in Daylight Thorp, D., Lanier, M., Edewaard, D., Fekety, D., Szubski, E., & Tyrrell, R.
5 Assessing Human Performance in Automated Task Monitoring Ferraro, J. & Christy, N.
7 Cell Phone Dependency as a Moderator for the Relationship between Passive Cell Phone Interaction and Situation Awareness Van Dam, J., Kass, S., & Vanwormer, L.
9 Comparison of Human-Robot Trust Repair Methods Baker, A. L., Phillips, E. K., Ullman, D., & Keebler, J. R.
11 Designing for Photography Self-learning Jiang, P.
13 Determining Gesture-based Commands for a Natural User Interface Bailey, S. K. T. & Sims, V. K.
15 E-Commerce Products with Higher Visual Saliency Are Found Faster Hicks, J. M., Still, M. L., & Still, J. D.
17 Emergency Physicians’ Strategies for Multiple Task Coordination Barg-Walkow, L. H. & Rogers, W. A.
19 How Learning Occurs when Using Automated Support Endres, D. & Whitlock, L. A.
21 Human Factors of Graphical Authentication Cain, A. A. & Still, J. D.
23 Improving Risk Estimation by Incorporating Personal Characteristics Salar, M., Capanoglu, M. F., Sesek, R., & Gallagher, S.
25 Matching the Demands of a Physical Ventilator Simulator by Utilizing a Task Analysis Pietrowski, B. & Mclaughlin, A.
27 Phishing Efficacy by Persuasion Principle: A Signal Detection Approach Lawson, P., Zielinska, O., & Mayhorn, C. B.
29 Stealth Optimized, Adaptive Assessments of Multistage UAS Operator Selection (Stealth Adapt) Ferraro, J. & Christy, N.
31 The Conspicuity Benefits of Bicycle Taillights in Daylight Lanier, M., Thorp, D., Fekety, D. K., Edewaard, D. E., Szubski, E. C., & Tyrrell, R. A.
33 The Impact of Information Delivery Type on the Comprehension and Retention of Health Information on Internet Forums. Sauls, M. E. & Whitlock, L. A.
35 Thought-Listing Task Used to Evoke the Warnings College Students Want to Receive Whitmer, D. E., Baxter, D. T., & Sims, V. K.
37 Using Augmented Reality to Train Food Portion Estimation Skills: Examining Feedback Timing Mcatee, L., Matalenas, L. A., & Mclaughlin, A.
39 Using Starcraft II Gameplay to Examine the Relationships among Working Memory, Usability, and Performance. Schroeder, B. L., Gonzalez-Holland, E. E., Stowers, K. L., & Sims, V. K.
41 What Did I Just Find?: Designing a Concept for a Nature Discovery Application Rogers, A., Smith, A. & Matalenas, L. A.
43 Eye in the Sky: Investigating Spatial Performance Following Perspective Change. Cauffman, S. & Gillan, D. J.
45 NYPD Exposition: Potential Human Factor Contributions to Widespread Police Shootings Mclaughlin, A., Rovira, E., Pak, R., & Hicks, W.
47 Benefits of Using Axure RP Prototyping Software for Research Purposes Bloomquist, E., Sprufera, J., Pryor, M., & Mclaughlin, A.
49 Taking a Bite from the Mindless Margin Jasper, P. W., Demos, J., Guerico, H., & Hwang, T.
51 An overview of the effects of latency on simulator sickness in head-mounted displays McSorley, J., Laschanzky, F., & Hourigan, C.


Poster Session II

(4:00PM – 5:00PM)

Poster # Title Authors
2 Situation Awareness in Automated Vehicles Clark, H. E. & Feng, J.
4 A Comparison of Physical Risk Factors Among Manual and Mechanized Planters in the Southeastern United States Granzow, R. F., Schall, M. C., Jr., & Smidt, M. F.
6 Assessing Change Blindness in Web Applications Head, M., & Barlow, T.
8 Bubble Burst: Range Effects on Interpretation of Bubble Graphs Stokes, T. A., Iddings, S. E., Gillan, D. J.
10 Comparing Measurement Approaches of Over-the-Shoulder-Attack Resistance for Graphical Authentication Cain, A. A., Dobos, A., Griner, J., Tiller, L., Unverricht, J., & Still, J. D.
12 Design of Operator Interface for Intuitive Control in a Bio-Inspired Underwater Vehicle (BUV) Zhu, R. & Kim, I.
14 Determining Criteria for Valid Data in Long Term Studies with Wearable Devices Beadle, S., Mcsorley, J., Salley, J.
16 Developing an Image-Based Quick Start Guide for Older Adults’ Interactions with Kinect-Based Exergames Harrington, C. N. & Rogers, W. A.
18 Effects of Resistance Strength Training on Core Muscle Co-Contraction Behavior Capanoglu, M. F., Salar, M., & Sesek, R.
20 Heuristic Evaluation of Statistical Technical Documentation Geden, M. & Feng, J.
22 Human Factors Issues with Mobile Health Apps for Older Adults Stuck, R. E., Chong, A. W., Morey, S. A., Barg-Walkow, L. H., Mitzner, T. L., & Rogers, W. A.
24 Impact of Rest and Aging on Tissue Micro-trauma and Systemic Inflammation in a Rat Model Smith, T. G. & Gallagher, S.
26 Increasing the Over the Shoulder Attack Resistance of Use Your Illusion Authentication Cain, A. A., Dindial, H., Duplantis, P., Edwards, M., & Still, J. D.
28 Modeling Face-type and Threat: Biased Decision Making in Expression Interpretation Williams, S. E., Bond, A., Bohil, C., & Kleider-Offutt, H.
30 System Responses as Trust Repair Interventions in Human-Automation Interaction Quinn, D. B., Pak, R., & de Visser, E.
32 The Effects of Interruption Similarity and Complexity on Performance in a Simulated Visual-Manual Assembly Operation Pankok, C., Zahabi, M., Zhang, W., Choi, I., Liao, Y., Nam, C. S., & Kaber, D.
34 The State of Virtual Reality and Team Training Gonzalez-Holland, E. E.
36 Understanding Negative Attitudes Towards Robots in College Students and Military Cadets Leidheiser, W., Pak, R., & Rovira, E.
38 Using Signal Detection Theory to Quantify Effects of Changes in Ecommerce Websites Mcnamara, A., Millar, G., Pryor, M., & Kaufman, L.
40 Visual Search in Almost-Flat Interfaces Creager, J. H. & Gillan, D. J.
42 Working Memory Capacity as a Predictor of Driving Outcome Louie, J. F., & Mouloua, M.
44 Physiological Measures of Hazard Perception Kasko, J. & Feng, J.
46 Examining Differences in Estimation Error Using a Computerized Liquid Estimation Task Matalenas, L. A. & Mclaughlin, A.
48 Online Working Memory Task Equivalency Results Richardson, G., Delarosa, J., Mclaughlin, A., & Pak, R.
50 Assessing the Accuracy of the Remote Food Photography method in Quantifying Energy Intake Kinsella, A., Long, R., & Cavannaugh, S.
52 The Quantification of Bicyclist Conspicuity Using Eye-Tracking Technology Edewaard, D., Detweiler, R.,  Booth, C., & Duchowski, A.T.

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